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Web 2.0 Teacher Tools Glog

Web 2.0 Teacher Tools Glog.

Check out this Glog for organizing some Web 2.0 Teacher Tools!!!

It’s linked to several videos explaining what they are and how they work.  There are also other other presentations, websites, publications, etc. that lists Web 2.0 tools for teachers.

Composition & Layout for Multimedia eLearning Projects

Composition & Layout for Multimedia eLearning Projects.

Basic concepts in layout and composition of their multimedia eLearning projects. This short overview introduces the classic principles of design in the context of creating an eLearning project with Adobe Captivate 5.

Teaching in Second Life: A Faculty’s Perspective

Presentation by Marcelo Alvarado & Luis Gomez, FIU Professors

I’m super excited about this presentation; last year at this time FIU Online had a SL guru presenting on what is and what can be done with Second Life.  This year, we have 2 of our own faculty sharing the experiences they had developing and piloting their online courses thru SL.  This technology is used along with the LMS so there still is an asynchronous and grading component that goes along with it.

Part 1: Alvarado begins:

Management Studies Center (MSC) is the building he worked with FIU Online to develop which he would use to host his MAN3025 fully online course.  His avatar chills on top of the building (his building) and also chills with the Panter mascot (still dressed in suite and tie because after all, he is a Business Prof.)  He was a great candidate for this pilot because he, like many students, feels that lectures or PPT w/Audio are boring ways of delivering content… His teaching methodology in SL includes ACTIVITY/PROJECT BASED LEARNING!

  1. There still needs to be a boring part: SL Intro and Learning Curve Period
  2. Individual Decision Making: Group Leader must decide from 20 locations
  3. Group Organization: Meet and Document proof that they all attended the location visit at the same time (real-work scenario where logistics and commitment matter; Interaction)
  4. Negotiation Exercises: If everyone can decide on 1 Location, activity is over by convincing the others why they should go to their chosen location; it started by 2 groups uniting and went on to motivate/pressure others to unite with them (majority begins to fight for all the power)
  5. Still to do and final thoughts:
    1. Guest Speakers in SL
    2. SL is interactive and can simulate any activity

Part 2 by Luis Gomez

Gomez is the perfect subject for piloting SL as his course is all about activity and physical interaction and sound… WELCOME TO MUSICALES!  SL allows him to bring his students into the life and the world of music. Students feel comfortable in SL – and the students who can not come to campus can still be touched by his passion, love, and musical experiences.  Musicales is a collaboration of many different music houses and technology being used and tapped into by taking advantage of all that it has to offer.  Environment supports course content by also integrating quiz stations and stimulating design.

  1. Gomez is “Mello Sole Star” in SecondLife
  2. Students will sit and click to see, feel, taste, and touch music
  3. They create their own avatar and touch or experience things.
  4. Rooms where you can learn how to put instruments together
  5. the composer’s lounge so you can sit, talk, and collaborate with others.
  6. links to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, ….

SL meets the face to face challenge and allows students/professors to NEVER STOP DREAMING!

Media Literacy 2.x: Employing Fair Use Educationally in a Remix Era | EDUCAUSE

Media Literacy 2.x: Employing Fair Use Educationally in a Remix Era | EDUCAUSE.

Digital practices in education—everything from remix assignments to posting of material on Blackboard—provide new challenges to educational copyright policies and stretch far past existing educational and library exemptions. The doctrine of fair use, which permits reuse of copyrighted material under some circumstances, has become an ever more vital tool. The best-practices model pioneered at American University has greatly expanded the utility of fair use for filmmakers, online video makers, media literacy teachers, archivists, and OpenCourseWare makers. Their experience is valuable to librarians as they begin the same process.

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Evernote: taking notes to the next level

Welcome to your notable world | Evernote Corporation.

Welcome to your notable world. Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like.
Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For FREE!!!
– Take notes
– Attach files
– Use web-browser
– Downloadable application for offline use
– Search text, images, and pdf’s
– Easy to use and get started
– Organize by notebooks, tags, and searches…
– Share your notes or notebooks with others by email or evernote users!

Moodle integration for Adobe Connect Pro 7.x

Moodle integration:

General Public Licence (GPL) is currently offered by “Remote Learner” [Feb 2010]
Custom integraction solutions are currently offered by “Refined Data”

– Integration offers single sign on authentication
– Moodle integration supported by Remote Learner
– Automatic Synchronization of User Accounts, Courses, and Enrollements
– Real-Time Information Updates
– Automatic Secure Log In to Connect Pro
– Display Personalized “My Meeting” Listings for each User
– Direct Editing of Connect Pro Meetings and Content from within Moodle
– Support for Adding Connect Pro Meetings in the Moodle Calendaring System

* Upcoming features – New features are currently being developed to track Virtual Classroom attendance and Presenter Slide-views as graded compliance activities within Moodle.

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Google Buzz in eLearning | Upside Learning Blog

The web is abuzz with talk of Google Buzz. So what is Buzz –
simply put it’s a personal aggregator that is coupled to your Gmail account.

via Google Buzz in eLearning | Upside Learning Blog.