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YouTube – Online Student Experience

via YouTube – Online Student Experience.

Let’s change the way students experience online learning!

Kaltura Video Module for Moodle


Kaltura’s Video Module for Moodle makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura’s open source online video platform to any Moodle site.
The module  was  developed  specifically  for Moodle,  and  easily  integrates  with  other  features and modules, such as resources and assignments.

The module allows Teachers and Admins to create 2 new resources and 1 assignment type:

  • Video Resource: Easily add video content to your course.
  • Video Presentation resource: Create a synchronized view of a Document  (supported formats: *.ppt;*.doc;*.xls;*.ods;*.odt;*.odp;*.pptx;*.docx;*.pdf;*.xlsx) and Video.
  • Video Assignment: Allows students to submit videos.