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Web 2.0 Teacher Tools Glog

Web 2.0 Teacher Tools Glog.

Check out this Glog for organizing some Web 2.0 Teacher Tools!!!

It’s linked to several videos explaining what they are and how they work.  There are also other other presentations, websites, publications, etc. that lists Web 2.0 tools for teachers.

Thoughts on Apple, Flash, Connect Pro and Adobe

Thoughts on Apple, Flash, Connect Pro and Adobe / Technology and Learning – Inside Higher Ed.

Why is the Apple / Adobe kerfuffle worth our attention? 3 Reasons:

  1. Curricular Media:
  2. Synchronous Meetings and Webinars:
  3. Adobe’s Roadmap:

See Apple’s Steve Jobs “Thoughts on Flash” letter at:

socialmedia / 04 – Inside Higher Ed

Professors and Social Media

socialmedia / 04 – Inside Higher Ed.

Data suggest that 80 percent of professors, with little variance by age, have at least one account with either Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, Slideshare, or Google Wave. Nearly 60 percent kept accounts with more than one, and a quarter used at least four.  A majority, 52 percent, said they used at least one of them as a teaching tool.

Composition & Layout for Multimedia eLearning Projects

Composition & Layout for Multimedia eLearning Projects.

Basic concepts in layout and composition of their multimedia eLearning projects. This short overview introduces the classic principles of design in the context of creating an eLearning project with Adobe Captivate 5.